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 18 March 2018 - more & more 

Sometimes work on songs is more frustrating than fruitful. black blood of the earth isn't coming as easily as the first two songs, but that's okay! It'll come along in its own time.

In other news, I've been collaborating on a second music project:  Love & Sleep . We are well on our way to having the first of four songs finished. News about it will be posted both here, and to the (soon to be created) band website. The same principals of free access, bandcamp access, and physical access via cassette that corporate // astrology follows will also apply to Love & Sleep.

 15 March 2018 - music musing 

I'm still sorting out how long I want the semantic noise EP to be time-wise. I had a lot of fun making dark between the stars 6.5 minutes long, and I think that that might end up being the norm for the rest of the tracks. If that's going to be the case, I'm going to have to plan on buying longer cassettes! Either way, I am well on schedule to have semantic noise ready to roll out in June.

 15 March 2018 - dark between the stars 

I was going for something moody with this track. I also played around a lot with panning, layering, and volume differentials. It's 6:30 minutes long and I have been listening to it on repeat endlessly for 2 hours while tweaking it to its final form. I hope you like it!

 14 March 2018 - Major Overhaul 

Well, instead of leaving this site the sloppy mess that it debuted as yesterday I went back and did all of the Good Web Practices I should have done from the beginning. A short list: Anyway, what a mess. At least the site is now presentable and not a distraction from making music!

 13 March 2018 - Why Liberapay? 

 Liberapay  is founded on the ideal that the money given is to support a person. It is not for recompense. I have long found patreon's model of tiers of pay a capialist nightmare. The notion that an artist is already creating art only to have to meet additional demands on their time and productivity is one that I do not find sustainable.

Enter Liberapay. It takes no money from transactions, either from the giver or the recipient. Any funding they receive is through the same set up as they offer their users (if you can, drop a small recurrent donation to Liberapay!)

All funding received via Liberapay will be put toward the updating and maintenance of my music software and hardware, as well as expanding the release of physical copies of my music.

To that end, Liberapay donations to me will benefit everyone involved, as I will be able to facilitate more and better music. Unfortunately, Liberapay does not allow for one-time donations at the moment. If you would like a more direct and one-time donation, please buy the semantic noise EP either on bandcamp or on physical cassette when it is available. There is also a likelihood of t-shirts and other merchandise in the future.

 23 February 2018 - a beginning 

Work has begun on my as-yet untitled first EP. Below is the cover art, also created by me. I use spreadsheet software to create all of my album art. Glitch aesthetic courtesy of  PHOTOMOSH .

animated glitch art of cover art, three pixelated pyramids